Application Security Analysis

Cyber-attacks are being so dynamic these days and every new attack brings new concerns about the security of very high-cost network-based information systems owned by business organizations

Maintaining application security is very important because we need to make the application to be accessible to users. Most applications have problems of buffer overflows in the legitimate user input field so patching the application is the only way to secure it from attack.

Databases often store sensitive data. Incorrect data or loss of data could negatively affect business operations. Databases can be used as bases to attack other systems from.

What We Do
  • Track Your Assets
  • Perform a Threat Assessment
  • Stay on Top of your Patching
  • Manage your Containers
  • Strategize your Remediation Ops
  • Encrypt Content
  • Manage privileges
  • Add Automation for your Vulnerability Management
  • Create Secure Tokens

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