Server Hardening

Hardening the IT infrastructure is an obligatory task for achieving a resilient to attacks infrastructure and complying with regulatory requirements. Hackers’ attack information systems and websites on an ongoing basis using various cyber-attack techniques that are called attack vectors. To reduce these increasing amounts of dynamically emerging cyber-attacks, information systems and servers especially need to get hardened. Hardening is a unique security task as the requirement is coming from the security team but it is often executed by operations teams.

What we do
  • Manage Server Access.
  • Minimize the External Footprint.
  • Patch Vulnerabilities.
  • Minimize Attack Surface.
  • Restrict Admin Access.
  • Know What's Happening.
  • Minimize User Access Permissions.
  • Establish Communications.
  • Further Hardening / Protecting Credentials
  • Backup Plans
  • Prevent Time Drift
  • Harden Remote Sessions
  • Use Recommended Security Configurations

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